4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Pots

Are you looking for pots for your plant? There are several factors you need to consider. Obviously colour, shape, size and ornamental value are a major consideration when making your choice. But they are not the only reasons you should be considering. Read on and learn from this gardening guide.


It is important to note that moist soil gets very heavy and if you choose a heavy container, this will make it harder to move it around.  It’s advisable to consider the total weight of each container. You may need to consult an engineer or designer for landscaping Eastern Suburbs from Amico to find out if the structural capacity will be able to handle the extra weight.

If mobility and changing the look of your garden on a regular basis is an important consideration, select containers made from lightweight materials or put them on castors before you plant them out.  If you want stability in an exposed or windy position, a heavy container could be the best choice for taller plants.  Don’t hesitate to consult a gardening expert to help you decide which pot is the best for you.


Regardless of the plant container you select, it must have adequate drainage holes.  Healthy plants not only need room to grow, but also adequate oxygen for the roots.  Excess water must be able to escape or plants will drown.


Porous pots such as terracotta or clay planters, timber, and other natural materials enable air and moisture to move freely through them. The key benefits with thesematerials that ‘breathe’ is that they allow air to circulate around plant roots and as the moisture evaporates out the side of the pot it cools the soil and will help in drawing excess water and keeping rotting at bay.  The down side is these containers dry out more quickly and so does the potting mix so they need watering more frequently.

Fashion or function?

One doesn’t necessarily rule out the other – it is possible to have totally functional pots that are very ‘now’ with their style, colours and materials. They can contrast with or complement the plants that will be grown in them.

Outdoors where planter boxes, pots and baskets are exposed to wind and weather, durable materials with a bit of weight in them are preferable, so they are tough enough to withstand the elements and are unlikely to blow over or blown down (baskets).

And remember this- just because they’re hard-wearing doesn’t mean they have to be drab or heavy. Modern styles and colours are available in a range of strong man-made materials, including composites of fiberglass and concrete or clay.

Well, there’s a bit more leeway indoors, where the chances of planters being subject to winds are reduced! Choices indoors are more likely to be dictated by the aesthetic of the surroundings or by the desire to add some brilliant colour.

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