4 Reasons Some Clients Don’t Work Well with Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are ordinary people just like you and me, and being ordinary people, not everyone will get along with us or work well with us. Clients, especially, are sensitive to the way we come off mainly because they are paying us to provide a service. No matter how good a trainer you are or the amount of results you are getting for your client, sometimes, the two of you just won’t get along. Although you might have the qualifications for gym instructing, you still have to be sure that you are personable and easy to approach.

     After taking a look at yourself and trying to figure out why you and your client just don’t get along, take a look at the guide we have created below. It gives 5 reasons why some clients just don’t get along well with their personal trainers.

  1. They withhold health information: Trainers can get annoyed if clients don’t tell them that they have had back surgery a few years or if bone scans revealed that they have thinning bones. These health conditions can have an effect on the overall training program. Prescribed medications also have an effect on the health indicators, such as heart rate and alertness. Even if trainers don’t ask it, it is important to tell them everything. Trainers who abide by codes of conduct will keep this information confidential.
  2. They complain a lot: For people with sedentary lifestyles, personal fitness sessions can be quite uncomfortable. Although good trainers will respond to concerns, they dislike constant complainers. This is especially true if these complaints don’t make sense. This behaviour may impede growth and take up a lot of precious time leaving the client with little to no results.
  3. They make excuses: It is easy to make excuses if you are very busy. But to be committed to a personal training program, it is important to avoid making too many excuses and get to the gym as often as possible.
  4. They talk too much (or too little): Personal trainers will end up creating a generic workout plan if their clients give little or no information. Likewise, talking too much can make it difficult for trainers to define important points. Clients should talk to their trainers about their conditions and goals and focus on the workouts before making small talk.

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