4 Tips For Getting Your Freelance Game On Point

For most freelancers, it’s a tough world. Not only do you have to constantly work toward acquiring gigs, but you also have to find those jobs that are going to pay you a consistent rate. If you’ve been struggling as a freelancer, there might be a few things you’re missing; however, that’s why I’m offering a few helpful tips to up your game. Check them out below:

Treat This Like You’re Starting A Business

Although you’re just getting started with freelancing, treating it as if you were starting any other business will be crucial in becoming successful. This includes looking at different entrepreneurial strategies, as well as handling the practical matters such as revenue, expenses, and profits. Additionally, even addressing things like your upstart costs will be a must, as it will show the amount of runway that you should have overall. And if this is something that you’ve been considering, then mapping everything out first is a must.

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To begin, look at what your current costs for living, as well as what goes into that number, including separating the expenses that are for your business versus what’s considered personal. Not only will this help with paying yourself, but with your tax earnings as well. Certain items might be under consideration for write-offs for your business, such as writing off the percentage of square footage used in your home; which as noted by Small Business Trends, is where 69 percent of businesses start. All-in-all, having an entrepreneurs mind will take a little getting used to, however, will be well worth it in getting your mind right for the long-run.

Have Your Contracts In Place

As your starting to pick up more contracts, it’s important to address the pricing strategies that you’re going to be charging clients. Establishing these off the bat will not make it easier to land deals, but additionally, know how you compete against the freelance market. Because as noted by Nation 1099, with 68 million Americans currently doing some freelancing work, this is will be a must to landing new work. And if you’ve never done any contracting before, the practice will be much simpler than you think.

Start out by looking at what you’re currently offering people, as well as how that can be worked into a bulk price. For example, if you’re a designer, then charging a different price for a website, logo, or template. These rates are usually calculated by asking what you’re worth per hour, then padding in an estimated number of hours versus the assets that might be needed. Also, don’t forget to plug these things into an automated system such as that of attorney Aaron Kelly on HG, which can be hugely helpful moving forward. Remember, these skills are going to be what dictates your income, so don’t be afraid of putting forth the extra effort in getting right.

Pull Resources When Needed

If there’s one thing most freelancers would tell you, is that it’s hard to say “no” to a gig. And while you can’t do everything, it is important to be able to serve your clients. After all, giving the best quality product your quality is what will keep you getting referrals, no matter what they might be. However, that’s why having a shortlist of people you can bring on (as well as how they price) will be clutch.

An excellent example of this is with something like writing services, where you often might need to bring on a photographer. Depending on your client needs, it can cost between $25 to $100 per hour to hire a photographer, as noted by Rosh Sillars. An alternative could be to develop photography yourself or even try to maximize the time you have with one individual. A good goal to have here is helping spread good work all around, utilizing your network of freelancers to thrive.

Don’t Forget About SEO

Finally, as one of the core digital marketing tools, it’s not a bad idea to try and own an SEO phrase in your local town to increase sales as a freelancer. According to Search Engine Journal, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search, which if you’re able to own keywords revolved around your town (for example, graphic+design+Youngstown if you were going for Youngstown, Ohio) might be advantageous, especially if you’re early to market. Brainstorm some SEO keywords you might be able to use, as this is an underrated aspect of marketing yourself as a freelancer.

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