4 Tips For Planning A Wedding Like A Pro

So, you’ve decided to plan your own wedding. Maybe you decided to do it because you’ve planned a networking event or social media summit before, so you figured, “how much worse could this be?” Or maybe you chose to do it because you simply can’t afford a wedding planner.

Whatever your reason, you’re about to start planning your own wedding, and you’d like some direction on how and where to get started. That’s why today, we’re going to give you some crucial tactics and tips for planning a top-notch wedding that would make the pros jealous.

  1. Set and Stick To A Budget

Let’s be honest for a second: weddings can get very pricey at a frightening speed, and just like any other major life event, you’re probably going to find yourself thinking about throwing in more items to your wedding list. As you get closer and closer to the actual wedding, it might seem more and more appealing to go beyond your budget just a bit.

While it’s true that sometimes unforeseen circumstances will drive you to go beyond your initial budget, it should be treated as an absolute last resort. From the very beginning, you should create a budget with your partner and stick to it.

If you’re worried that you may have certain “wish list” items (like getting each bridesmaid their own custom bridesmaid dress) that you’ll need to consider as the wedding day approaches, go ahead and throw in those items to your specified budget from the very beginning. The goal is to never go beyond the amount you planned for.

That means that if you spent too much on those wedding day flowers, then you’ll need to cut out something else that you had planned on. Obviously, it’s important to be flexible with your situation and focus on the non-negotiable items from the very beginning. Once you’ve paid for the essentials, you can feel more comfortable spending, knowing that your “wish list” is always up for the chopping block.

  1. Build a Schedule

Beyond the amount of money you’ll spend on the wedding, building a timeline is one of the most important aspects of coordinating a wedding properly. Take some time to develop an actionable timeline that will actually fit into your life. Make sure that you map out the appropriate dates on your calendar. If you’re struggling with that aspect, you can find well-established wedding sites that offer checklists with a timeline built in.

Depending on when the wedding actually happens, you’ll want to be sure you’ve set aside plenty of time to both plan and submit any requests that will take up a significant amount of time.

  1. Use Event Tools

The secret weapon of every event planner is the event tool. Aside from usual online wedding planner, make sure to be on the lookout for useful event apps with things like budgets and reminders. If you’ve already got a go-to event planning app, then go ahead and integrate that into your planning.

Some pros have a preference for working in online spreadsheets, while others would rather use the traditional method of scribbling down all of the expenses that they’ve  paid for each aspect of the wedding. At the end of the day, it’s about what’s easiest for you to consistently do and organize.

  1. Figure Out The Important Details First

Now that you’ve figured out both the timeline and amount you’d like to spend on the wedding, it’s time for you to straighten out all of the crucial wedding details. For example, the actual size of your wedding is going to impact your budget, so make sure to create a list of the guest you’re expecting and don’t deviate from it as much as possible.

After you’ve finished making that list, it’s time to switch gears and select the appropriate venue. Next, choose the actual wedding date and finally, the wedding theme. The idea when selecting the venue is more or less identical to selecting event venues for any other type of event. If you’ve never done that before, remember that the venue needs to be in service of the vision you had for the wedding.

It’s in your best interest to meet with the people who own the venue and get your hands on a copy of what they provide for you and what they’re not willing to provide for you on the day of the wedding. Have them send you a price quote, and then find out when they actually have the availability to work with the timeline you had in envisioned.

The truth about weddings is that with couples are always getting engaged, and finding the time that works well for your wedding party can actually be quite a challenge. But above all else, the little, personalized touches and the way the venue treats will impact the venue itself in a crucial way.

Before you go any further, go over the contract (and any other merchant contracts) before you sign with the venue. Be sure to ask if you can take a look when they’re actually having a gathering so you can get a sense of what the venue will actually look like, decorated and full of guests.

How are you making wedding planning more efficient?

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