Are There Any Rules for Mature Dating

Mature dating means dating over the age of 40. Well  in my experience, love has no age barrier. You can fall in love at 60 years old just as easily as you did at 16. If the right man comes into your life you can love him until your last breath.  That is the beauty of love and relationships. The mature dating idea has enabled many over-40 age group men and women to find love again. They may be widows or divorced or lifetime-single. Mature dating enables men and women to mingle and find their soul mates. The major advantage of mature dating is that both individuals are more likely to be mentally strong and stable. They’re not your sweet sixteen who just got swept away by surging hormones. The mature dater is more willing to wait to find the right person to keep romance alive in their lives.

There really are no specific rules for mature dating (learn more at, but I wold suggest a few pointers to remember before you venture out into the dating world.

  • When you look for a date in the mature dating world decide if you wish to date someone your age or younger than you. Cougar dating, as it is called, is no long a concept new to our society.  Even psychologists are of the opinion that a younger man dating older women is fine.
  • Be clear about what you want. Since you’ve a wealth of experience dealing with people, it is probably easier to look for body language in your date to determine whether he is eager to know more about you. Here, I would even suggest that you try out a kiss on your first date to see if you’ve any sparks flying between the two of you. After all, you do need sexual satisfaction in mature dating.
  • Make sure the guy is single and not a married man with a wife waiting at home. There are toads like these who lurk in the internet. So steer clear of such complications.
  • Mature dating is all about pursuit: if you don’t pursue it, it’s not going to happen. Tell him/her what turns you on. You’re not a twenty something needing to feel shy. So be brave about your sexual preferences.
  • Let him woo you. Romance is very important for any age. Receiving flowers and chocolates is fine. Share a cup of coffee with him and talk like two matured adults; a good process to know about each other better.
  • Avoid negativity. Don’t talk about failed relationships. If you’ve been single then make a mention of it and leave it at that. Listen to what he has to say.
  • If you’ve been dating for more than a month then invite both your families over… including children and grandchildren who will want to know each of you and get to know each other as well. Be generous and cook a grand meal for everyone and consider small gifts to the entire family – gestures that will help bond both families, and that will make your partner love you even more.

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