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At Planet Express, they understand that it’s irritating when you like something and want to purchase it. But you find that the merchant doesn’t deliver the product outside the U.S. The good news is that you don’t have to lose hope that you won’t be able to acquire the product. Just because you don’t live in the U.S. doesn’t mean you can benefit from our service. You can get your stuff delivered to the Planet Express’s warehouse and they will send the package directly to you.

Whether you purchase makeup, clothing, electronics, books, or any other equipment from the online store, you can get all these things shipped to you safely. Just a simple step to get us address is enough to the customer to make sure that the product gets delivered to our warehouse. Registration on our user-friendly website is also easy. Your account will be activated just by adding $5 to it. After signing up, shop anywhere in U.S. and give those website Planet Express’s mailing address.

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After 10 years of being in the business, the Planet Express was founded as a  mail forwarding service to provide the best user experience. Every company tries its best to be successful in a business but the most suitable method is to supply the quality demanded. The Planet Express is the service to facilitate better pricing, consolidation, and fulfillment center. A simple strategy can improve the quality of working of a service and hence many offers are included in the service policy which helps them to attract more customers. Only attracting the customer isn’t enough to be the best, the main criteria to keep the company’s reputation is to keep the customers satisfied so that they won’t opt to choose another service. Therefore, negligence of work ethics is never tolerated in Planet Express.

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