Complete Knowledge of Bail Bonds Processing

When your friend is in jail, and the judge has set the bail, you will need complete information about how to engage the bail bondsman. Your first responsibility will be to establish contact with a reputed agent. Pass on to the agent the accurate location of the place where your friend is under custody along with the jail name and booking number. The bail amount is essential for the agent will be able to calculate the exact amount payable from the bail amount.

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The process of bail bondsman

On establishing contact with an authentic bail bondsman, it’s time to know more about the processing. The bail agent has already discussed with you about the pricing options. Now you have to pay the set fee to the agent who will, in turn, provide a surety bond to the court for releasing the defendant. You won’t have to make any further payments as long as the defendant shows up in the courtroom on the hearing dates. If the defendant skips the bai, you will have to surrender the bail. The bail bonds fairhope al agent will possess the authority to trace down the defendant and produce the person in the court.

Problems may arise

The bail bonding process also has inherent problems along with the advantages. The defendant has to pay about 10 percent of the set bail amount as the non-refundable premium. If you are presenting on behalf of the defendant friend, you might have to put down collateral. But all this will be not necessary if your friend diligently attends all the trial hearings. The bail bonds fairhope al is the easiest way out to prove innocence without sitting inside the jail. It’s better to know the process of avoiding the allied problems. Make sure that the defendant will not flee.

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