Driving Under the Influence (Dui).

We all go out for parties, ceremonies, etc. and if the occasion permits, we indulge in some drinking as well. But the situation can get quite rough if, while going back to your abode, you are driving under the influence of alcohol and you get pulled over by the law officials. Such an offense is called Driving under the Influence (DUI). We know the kind of situation that people go through at that time because we have helped many such people, who got caught in such conditions, to get out of this successfully.

We, at Greenland Law Firm, help people to deal with such situations by providing legal help. There are things that you are not supposed to do if you get stuck in such a situation. If you are driving under DUI and are asked by the officer to pull over, use turn signal to indicate that the officer that you are following his instructions. Keep calm and do not act suspicious. Speak only when you are spoken to.

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In such cases, Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Test or Field Sobriety Test is conducted by the officer. This can be a very strong evidence against you. Always remember that you are not obligated to take such a test. You are also not obligated to answer every question posed by the officer, just politely state that you are sorry and that you have been advised not to answer any questions.

Courts take drunk and impaired driving offenses very seriously since it can be dangerous to other motorists as well. Our DUI lawyers are always there to help you deal with such a situation. DUI cases are highly centralized that is why they are handled by our experienced and skilled DUI lawyers who also posses’ knowledge of motor vehicle laws and traffic laws. If somehow you end up in such a situation, god forbid, you can always contact us for any sort of legal help at www.shreveportlawyer.com/criminal-lawyer-shreveport-louisiana/

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