Four Best Fishing Destinations In Australia

When you’ve got your camping swags all packed and ready to go, you are probably thinking of exactly where you will be going for your little fishing trip. Australia is a land that has a lot to offer any person hoping to have a grand time fishing. There are several prime fishing sports all over the continent that will yield great catches to those willing to put some effort into it. Here are the top four spots that you can visit Australia.

Top End, Northern Territory

Top End is a prime fishing are that covers the tropical northernmost tip of the Australian continent. This includes Darwin and the Kakadu National Park. That’s a lot of fishing ground for you to cover. The best time to come to this area is when the barra is building up. This is from October to December when the fish are congregating in the saltwater locations in preparation for the monsoon. Another prime time is during the barra run-off when the fish start entering the rivers. This is from February to May.

It is not just the barra you should be going here for. From May to November, reef and deep-sea fishing are also popular. Just hire a boat and leave your camp on the beach for some fun seaside angling.

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Central Highlands, Tasmania

If you want to go for some trout fishing, there’s no better place in Australia than the Central Highlands of Tasmania. Catching one of the trout here is an experience you won’t forget anytime soon. It has several locations that will yield quite a bit of trout.

First, there’s Arthurs Lake. Just an hour from Launceston, it is open from August to May for fishing. Go there if you are in the mood for brown trout. Next, there’s Great Lake. It is ideal for wet fly fishing when you go there during the spring. There are also excellent rivers around the area of Launceston like the Macquarie, the South Esk, and Brumbys Creek.

Gippsland, Victoria

Another favorite fishing destination is Gippsland. The area is just a few hours east of Melbourne and features many places for fishing. This includes lakes, rivers, and empty beaches. This is on the southern coast of Australia and offers a lot of fish and variety. The most popular choices are brown and rainbow trout, while redfin, carp, and bass can be found n the rivers and the lakes. Coastal fishing will yield treasures like salmon, bream, and snapper.

One of the best spots includes Lakes Entrance, a popular vacation spot located where the Gippsland lakes link up with the Bass Strait. Another favorite is the Avon River which has trout, redfin, and bass. Blue Rock Lack is another stop for fishing enthusiasts. With the mild climate, you can fish here all year round.

Lake Jindabyne, New South Wales

Finally, there’s Lake Jindabyne, which is just over five hours away from Sydney. This is one of the best trout-fishing lakes in Australia. It has a wide variety of trout and salmon. Just set up camp on the lakeside and go out every day to catch some fish. Fishing is most popular during the winter season, with the lakeside being popular, but the nearby rivers are also a big attraction, too.

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