How to maintain a nontoxic lifestyle?

Wanna live a healthier life? Then you’ve come to just the right place. Here are a bunch of tips that will keep those nasty toxins away from you.

  1. Make sure you’re not putting your health at danger in your own home

Wait, what? How do our homes harm our health? Actually, they do in a number of ways. We use so many chemical-based products within our homes to make them look nice and clean that this makes us forget how many of the chemicals in these products remain in our living space. To stop this, start using green cleaning products in your home to reduce the amount of toxins dramatically. An easy way to get going on this is to use chemical-free dishwashing detergent such as the one made by Yaya Maria’s. Conventional products are packed with nasty ingredients that leave a film of toxic residue on your dishes that ends up in your body the next time you eat. You’ll reduce your chemical exposure quite a bit after following this tip. Here’s a super short video that will give you a decent overview of their product.

  1. Stop putting untested chemicals on your skin

Did you know that most ingredients in skincare products have not been tested? It’s true – the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not ensure that the ingredients in body care products are safe. The responsibility lies with the manufacturers. As long as the manufacturer does not end up getting sued for any damages caused by their formulas, they will include many ingredients that are banned in the European Union. So what’s the best way to protect yourself? Simply stop using conventional skin products and switch to organic options. According to a study this is the best, easiest, and least cost-incurring way to give yourself a skin detox. A study conducted at Berkeley put forward some very promising findings. Scientists discovered that merely switching from chemical-based products to organic alternatives helps your skin to recover from toxic impacts and reduce dangerous substances in your skin naturally within just a few days. In other words, your body knows how to rid itself from bad ingredients found in conventional skin care products. It’s as easy as that. If you need a brand that offers truly organic and safe products go to Sunshine Organics.

  1. Watch out for what you put into your body

Eating healthy food is probably what most people strife to achieve the most, but at the same time it’s an area where they fail miserably. There is just too much temptation around to quit your New Year’s resolution and enjoy greasy and sugary treats far too often. Instead you should focus on a plant-based diet as much as you can. Stay away from animal-based products because your body has to work much harder to rid itself from fats coming from meat and dairy than the ones in fruits and vegetables. A plant-based diet provides you with even more nutrients and far fewer toxins like 4-Hydroxynonenal (HNE), Malondialdehyde (MDA), Acrolein, Glyoxal and many many more that are typically found in meat. Proteins gained from vegetables are far easier to digest and are just as valuable as the ones provided in meat.

If you follow these three steps you’ll improve your health significantly. Remember, the fewer toxins enter your body the less work your organs have to do the get rid of them, and the less money you will have to spend on doctors and medication.

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