How To Organise A Fancy Dress Party

If have been chosen to organise your company’s fancy dress party, or you are throwing your own and aren’t quite sure where to start, keep reading for some helpful tips that can make organising and hosting your next fancy dress party simple and fun.

Fancy dress parties can be held for almost any occasion. From Halloween and birthdays, to anniversary, corporate events and more, a fancy dress party can offer a lot of fun and excitement when organised properly. In fact, organising it is the most challenging part, but with some careful planning and event décor from Covering All Occasions, your fancy dress party will be the talk of the town!

5 Tips For Organising A Fancy Dress Party

Create A Theme Or Dress Code For Your Party- deciding on a theme for the party will not only make planning it easier, but it will ensure that your guests enjoy themselves more. Decide on a theme or dress code and be sure to include it in the invitations that you send.

Send Invitations To Your Guests Well In Advance- while on the topic of invitations, be sure to send them to your guests well in advance. Typically, 4-6 weeks is enough time for them to prepare for the event. Be sure to include RSVP information as this will make organising your fancy dress party even easier.

Decorate Your Party Venue- whether you are having your fancy dress party at home or at a professional party venue, you will need to decorate it. Use decorations that relate to your theme including colourful chair covers and chair sashes, balloons, organza gift bags and more.

Choose A DJ Or Play Party Music That Relates To Your Theme- your fancy dress party theme should create a setting that your guests can truly experience. If your fancy dress is 80’s themed, choose 80’s music. Likewise, if your party is a holiday themed party, choose the appropriate holiday music.

Plan And Organise Fun Party Activities For Your Guests- keeping your guests entertained and making them feel like part of the party is important. Plan some party games that are inclusive and fun for everyone at your fancy dress party. Keep in mind that the games should be something everyone can do while in costume.

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