Install a Level 2 EVSE Charger in Seattle Washington

When you’re looking to install a Level 2 EVSE charger in Seattle Washington, you have several options. No matter which kind of electric vehicle you’re driving and need to charge, and what type of garage you park it in at night, there is a charging station solution that is right for you. All Level 2 EVSE chargers do fine with charging most electric vehicles overnight. Also, most houses don’t have a problem with handling Level 2 charging.

Our company offers you choices on Level 2 products that range from low to high power. Which one is right for you will depend on your home’s electric panel and the charging needs you have.

Where the charging station should be located depends on the parking location of your vehicle and on the particular model you drive. Should you park your vehicle in the drive way, you can put EVSE on the outside of a wall, or on a post or pedestal if you don’t have a garage. WE can help you put the charging station in the correct place for both compliance with regulations and for your convenience.

Our experienced electricians have a significant amount of experience helping electric vehicle owners have charging stations wherever they work, live, or play. We do the job correctly so that you can get your car charging as quickly as possible. We know what it is like to own and drive electric vehicles, and that helps us bring a specific understanding to the work that we do to help you charge your car and carry on with your life.

No matter where you want to charge your car, whether it’s at home, work, a vacation home, or outside a building, we are here to help you find the best way to create a charging station that will be cost effective and convenient. We have been in the business of making the world that much cleaner through the use of electric vehicles for years, and we are proud that the work we do is more than just electrical: it makes the world cleaner and less reliant on fossil fuels.

So when you’re ready to install a Level 2 EVSE charger in Seattle Washington, give us a call, and we will be happy to offer a free site assessment to design and install the perfect charging station for you.

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