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You’ve worked hard for your car. You’ve saved every penny. And now the day comes: You get the prize that has eluded you for years: Your new baby, your brand new car!
But uh oh. Hold on for one sec.
You have a door ding. Dent, blemish etc. Call it what you will. It’s ugly and your work has been ruined.

Or has it?

My pal recently went through PDR Training and learned how to remove minor dents from cars just like mine. I was close to jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge but luckily Billy came by my apartment and massaged the dent out in just minutes.

I didn’t need to repaint or go to a bodyshop, and I can’t even tell where the dent was!

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What I learned from Billy is this is a new process called Painless Dent Repair, and these artists hand sculpt out the dent using metal rods and specialty tools that look like large dental tools to get the car new again. I was blown away!

Billy said he had to go away to a special school for 2 weeks where he was taught this special process and received a certificate and tools to do the job. With a few more weeks of practice he was off to the races and massaging dents out for private customers like me as well as car washes, dealers, detailers and others who pay big bucks to avoid the evil bodyshops and their bond and paint.

I thought this was going to cost a ton, but Billy says most of his jobs are under $200 and can be conveniently done at the customers work or home. I asked Billy how much he spent for everything and he said it was under $6k and he already paid for the course with work he’s done in two months. I was shocked with the results but even more impressed with how much money he was making daily- over $500 a day in just dent removals. No overhead, no costs to drain away his profits. Just skills and time to generate a cash building machine.

Billy says he plans to hire and train several others to work under him and then kick back and enjoy life more, which I know I would love to do as soon as I’m out of college. Which made me start thinking even more: What the heck am I doing in college when this guy went away for just 2 WEEKS and is making money NOW where I have to study for years and then build a career for several years or longer to get to a decent income earning level.

Who knows- I enjoy being around cars and hanging around in the car crazy culture at car shows and museums- maybe I will check out Painless Dent Repair tool and someday follow in Billy’s steps and create a cash machine for myself. One thing is for sure: I no longer worry about parking my car in parking lots any longer!

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