Planet Express – The best mail forwarding service in the US

Online commerce or e-commerce is the future and businesses are rapidly changing their business platform to accommodate latest trends. E-commerce offers convenient and comfortable access to products and services. As important e-commerce has become in this society, mail forwarding and shipping services are also important. Without them, you would not be able to enjoy various products and services that are not available in your country.

Almost all online retailers have shipping services that deliver their products to their customer’s addresses. But this can also give rise to a problem. Some US-based online shopping stores don’t ship outside the US and you won’t know it until later when you go to finalize your order. This can be very frustrating when you finally found a product that you were searching for a good price. But don’t worry, because Planet Express is there to help you in these situations. This is a US based package forwarding service that ships products from online retailers to outside the US. This has made shopping easier for shoppers to get their products delivered to them even if the online store doesn’t deliver to their country.

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How do Planet Express works?

  • Before you start shopping, you need to register and make an account with Planet Express by depositing $5 as activation fees. This fee will be later credited to shipping fees.
  • After registration, you will be given a reserved space in one of the Planet Express warehouse and its address.
  • Use the warehouse address as the postal address for your orders.
  • Choose the shipping plan that you want to use the two basic plans – One package plan or consolidated package plan.
  • Your order will be packed and delivered to your country address.

With Planet Express, you can shop from any US online shopping website and get your items delivered to you in your country. The shipping prices are also affordable than other shipping services.

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