Reasons Why Teenagers Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

Being a teenager in 2018 can be difficult since a high number of these young adults are turning to drug and substance abuse as a way of dealing with life challenges. This is the most difficult stage in their lives, and they are vulnerable to different things as they try to navigate from childhood to early adulthood. This is also a time of exploration and trying out new things in life.

Although the consequences of drug abuse may not result in tragedy, its effects can be long-lasting. As a parent, you must examine the various aspects of your teen’s life to understand why he/she may be abusing drugs. It’s recommended that you enroll your teen at a rehab center such as Detox Center Palm Beach as early as possible if you discover that he/she is using drugs and other illegal substances. Below are some reasons why teens abuse drugs.

Peer Pressure

This is probably the leading cause of drug abuse/addiction among teenager. The social circles of teenagers are guided by self-proclaimed “leader’ who determine the direction taken by the group members. These leaders usually have a tremendous amount of influence in the social circles that they lead.

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So, if he/she is driven to drinking alcohol and consuming illegal substances, then the other teenagers within that particular social circle are also convinced to do the same. Some teens may end up doing strange things just to avoid being cast out of the group.

As a Sign of Rebellion

Rebellious teens usually tend to choose different drug substances to abuse based on their personalities and what they want to achieve. For instance, alcohol is the preferred choice for angry teens since it frees them and allows them to behave violently.

Those who prefer to stay calm and avoid trouble with other people may turn to marijuana. In some case, teenagers may also abuse prescription drugs if they want to party hard and get high. Hallucinogens have become the escape drugs for teenagers who feel misunderstood.


This is the unfortunate result of limiting alcohol to those people above a certain age. Experts at Detox Center Palm Beach say that such restriction creates some sort of curiosity among teenagers.

Teenagers also want to taste and see how the older members of the family usually feel when they drink alcohol. Curiosity is a virtue that is in every human being since they will always want to try what they are told to stay away from.


Smartphones, computers, video games, and the internet surround us so it’s easy to claim that someone can’t be bored in the modern world where all these things are present. However, most teens always find themselves in boredom and looking or something new and exciting to do. This can easily lead to indulgent in drugs and alcohol.

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