Solar Hot Water Seattle – Common Mistakes You Can Avoid

Installing solar hot water Seattle can be very tricky. While a homeowner attempts to save money and reduce electricity bills, a wrong installation means a big disappointment. Eventually, you will definitely find that the system is faulty. These issues come up due to certain mistakes. These mistakes can definitely be avoided.

Over Sizing

When it comes to buying solar water systems, size matters. Endeavor to go for smaller sizes except in the case where you need large volumes of hot water regularly. Larger solar system can only come handy when you need to store hot water. This is a good thought, especially in times of bad weather. However, a bad weather for 2-3 days means you end up with lukewarm water; this is true even in temperate regions. And as such, you’ll need gas or electricity to heat up the water to a certain degree. It is advised not to go for large size unless you need it. Save energy and money.

Also, in the summer, an oversized solar system is of no use. And when there is not enough hot water being used, the system reacts; the system reaches the upper-temperature limit early; this results in the release of large volumes of water from the pressure and temperature relief valve. This is a waste of water.

Positioning Solar Collectors

The correct positioning of solar collectors is of utmost importance. This is so the collectors can be optimized to work at full potential. It is best to consult a professional who specializes in solar hot water Seattle on how and where to position solar collectors. This should be done before installation.

Positioning the Electronic Controller

The position of the electric controller depends largely on the system. For example, consider a split solar hot water system where the collectors are on the roof and the storage cylinder is on the ground. The electronic controller activates a circulating pump which moves water from the storage cylinder to the solar collectors. It also moves the water back to the cylinder after heating by the solar collectors. A plastic box next to the solar hot water system houses the electric controller. The plastic box is fitted to the wall and on prolonged direct sunlight, it makes the plastic brittle.

Buying Without Research

It is not very easy to choose the right system for you, considering the product maze out there. It is therefore important to consult a professional for help installing solar hot water Seattle. An expert is loyal to no brand. The one size fits all rule does not work here.

You are free to choose from a range of solar systems. When you speak to experts first, you are sure of making the right choice. Nobody enjoys replacing a solar hot water system after a few years. It pays to get it right! Lastly, ensure the system is working to optimum efficiency and do everything humanly possible to minimize wear.

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