Tengger The Ethnic Groups Indigenous of Java

Tengger, also called Tenggerese, second smallest of the ethnic groups indigenous to the island of Java in Indonesia, living mainly on the high slopes of a massive volcanic crater in the Tengger Mountains and numbering about 34, 000 in the turn of the twenty-first century. They’re believed to be the only surviving remnants of the Hindu Buddhism Majapahit Empire with its later period. Due to the high altitude and the weather, the Tengger can’t grow the Indonesian staple crop of rice. They sow corn, potatoes, onion, and cabbage in two season year and maintain a small number of buffalo.

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Lacking the economic basis for large-scale political integration, the Tengger Community Unit is the village, traditionally consisting of large, thatched wooden homes sheltering many families and encompassed by a bamboo barrier. Though some villagers have converted to Islam, many observe a local religion affected by Hinduism, with a priest, or dukun, who plays sacrifices on the sacred crater. Historically, the Tengger have mostly were isolated from the external influences and cultural interaction, characteristic of coastal Java. At the twenty-first century, but the region hosts an all year round stream of domestic and overseas tourists.

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