The Best Long-Term Birth Control Options

Naturally, the best long-term birth control options for any couple involve either a hysterectomy for the woman or seeing a vasectomy doctor in NYC for the man. But there are several other long-term methods of birth control that you may consider as well.

The following are all birth control methods available to women:

Contraceptive Pills

“The pill” as it is often called is birth control medication. It must be taken on a regular, daily basis by the woman. There are numerous different types of pills, but all of them have one thing in common: they contain several hormones, which prevent the possibility of pregnancy. The pill is affordable, effective (up to 99.9% when taken according to instructions), and safe.

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Birth control implants can prevent pregnancy for up to three years. The implant is a soft rod that is generally 1.5 inches long. It is put into the skin in the upper arm, and slowly over time, it releases hormones, which prevent pregnancy. It is extremely effective.

To have a birth control hormone implant, the woman must see a doctor for the insertion. She must return to have the implant changed or taken out completely after 3 years.


IUD stands for intra-uterine device. These devices are made out of copper most of the time. They are small devices that are shaped like a T, and they have a string attached. These devices are inserted into the uterus by way of the cervix.

The good thing about intra-uterine devices is that they can last up to 10 years, but after they are taken out, the woman can still become pregnant. It is essential that the woman have a clinic visit in order to consult about the insertion of an IUD. They will also need to return to have the IUD inserted, and they’ll have to return to have the device taken out when necessary as well.

When You Never Plan on Having More Children

If you and your partner never plan on having more children, it may be time to see a vasectomy doctor NYC. Hysterectomies are an option as well, but vasectomies tend to be easier procedures, and they are extremely effective.

A vasectomy doctor NYC will be able to walk you through the procedure. Vasectomies are permanent male contraception procedures, which surgically blocks or cuts the vas deferens. These are the tubes, which transport sperm to the penis from the testicles. It is important to note that after a vasectomy, ejaculation is still possible. However, no sperm will be present in the ejaculate, which means a pregnancy is not possible. With the right procedure and the right doctor, fewer than 1 in 100 individuals who undergo vasectomies will become pregnant with their partner in the first year.

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