Top 5 Things to Pack When Travelling to Bali

There’s a very popular saying – lesser the luggage more comfortable will be your journey. So, avoid packing literally your entire belongings while going on a trip. The list of things we are providing will help you pack like a pro for your trip to Bali. This means you’ll have everything you need without carrying huge luggage. Start scrolling to get the list for smart packing for a trip to Indonesia’s most famous island, Bali.

Light Clothes – You are seldom going to feel cold in Bali so avoid packing any heavy clothing like jeans. Light cotton or any quick dry clothing are the best choices for a stay on the hot island. You can carry beach dresses for enjoying your time on the golden beaches of Bali. But, be sure to take dresses that cover your shoulders to knees as you won’t be allowed in Hindu temples or some other significant places while dressed scantily. You can do with the lesser number of clothes here because there are plenty of places where you can get your dresses laundered for free.

Flip-flop and hiking shoes – Bali is a place with its roots in traditional cultures. Not only temples, but you can also be asked to open your footwear at the entrance doors of shops, restaurants, and bars too. Flip-flops are easier to slide on and off as compared to shoes. It would really be a bad idea to take expensive footwear to Bali as there’s always the chance to get them traded with someone’s cheap flip-flops outside any public building. If you are planning to climb Mount Batur or Gunung Agung, taking a hiking shoe will be a great idea.

First-aid Kit – Be it Bali or any other place on Earth, you must always carry a first-aid kit with you. Due to the weather and water of Bali, most travellers complain about getting struck by traveller’s diarrhoea. So, it’s advisable to carry activated charcoal or any other medicine that suits you in diarrhoea. In addition to this, you must bring any sort of mosquito replant while coming to Bali. You do not have to bother about carrying any other medicines as you can get them quickly in pharmacies without having to consult a doctor first.

Make-up kit – Obviously, you carry your makeup kit everywhere you go. But, do you know what needs to be carried in your makeup kit for your trip to Bali? You must carry a sunscreen lotion with you as you’ll get lots of sunlight during your stay in Bali. If you don’t want to return with dull and damaged hairs, be sure to keep live-in conditioner for your hairs in your make-up kit. Facial cleansing wipes and lip balm too need to be in your makeup kit for your trip to Bali.

Travel Documents and money – Last but not the least; you need to carry your travel documents and their copies while going on a trip to Bali. The standard documents you’ll need to carry include passports, airline tickets, travel insurance documents, accommodation booking receipts and photo identity cards. In addition to these, you should have your credit and debit cards and some cash. Don’t keep your travel documents, money and cards all at the same place. Keep everything in several different places so that you don’t lose everything if you lost simply your wallet.

Bali is the perfect choice for any budget traveller looking for an international trip. You can book cheap air tickets from Delhi to Bali and enjoy an international vacation without spending a fortune on your journey. While visiting a place like Bali, you do not need to worry if you forgot to carry any daily use item as you can get almost everything at a very affordable rate.

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