Vintage Car Appraisal Ventura CA

When you have a vintage car, you need to have it appraised. It is one of the best investments in your collector vehicle that you can make, besides restoring it. Getting a vintage car appraisal Ventura CA is a smart move because you can keep the document for insurance purposes, and, if you’re actually in the market for a vintage car, you can get an appraisal to help determine the worth of the car that you’re thinking of buying.

When you have a vintage car, you want to get agreed value insurance. This type of insurance prevents the insurance company from giving you the amount they think the car is worth if it is damaged in an accident. The value of the car is agreed on by you and the insurance company before the damage occurs, and, with an appraisal in-hand, you can prove the value of your vehicle by a third-party appraiser. With traditional car insurance, the insurance company will offer you a stated value policy that allows them to pay the actual cash value of the car or the stated value, whichever is less. You don’t want that happening to you.

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With a diminished value appraisal after an accident, you can approach your insurance company with confidence that you will get the highest value possible for your vehicle. So even if you don’t have an appraisal on file with the insurance company before damage or loss of your vehicle occurs, a diminished value appraisal can still help you get the money that you’re owed.

Another reason to get an appraisal is if you’re in the market to purchase a vintage car. You don’t want to pay too much for a car that has been in an accident or one that the seller is saying is worth more than it actually is. A pre-purchase appraisal will show you imperfections or problems with the vehicle that are observed by a trained and professional appraiser.

Our appraisers typically have decades of experience owning and selling classic and custom cars. They are keen, detailed observers. With our extensive database of comparable vehicle sales at their fingertips, they can determine a value for the car you own or want to buy accurately.

When you need a vintage car appraisal Ventura CA, call us, and we will be happy to carefully document your vehicle with dozens of photographs and to carefully look it over to determine its value.

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