Ways In Which To Make The Lithium-Ion Batteries Last Longer

Batteries have an extensive role to play today when you consider the use of mobile devices. However, charging the battery creates a lot of hassles as you are not going to find too many charging outlets on the go. Instead of depending on ways to charge the battery, a better solution is to preserve the charge of the battery. Not many people are aware of the ways to keep the battery in shape. When you look for efficient performance of the lithium batteries, you must know how to preserve their health. To start with, you must keep the batteries at room temperature. Keeping fully at higher temperatures is detrimental as heat reduces the life of these batteries.

Rules of discharging the batteries

When it comes to discharging the batteries, using the partial cycles of discharging is better for the lithium-ion batteries as they do not have the charge memory which implies that you do not need the deep cycles of discharge. However, if you continue to discharge the battery partially, you will reduce the preciseness of the power gauge. Ideally, you must let the battery discharge entirely after about twenty-five to thirty charges. Furthermore, you must not discharge the battery below a certain level as it makes the battery dead and it fails to charge with the original device. Recharging completely discharged batteries suddenly when they are stored in the same condition for several months can also disrupt the battery life.

Buying high quality batteries

Whether they are used or not, the life of the batteries are going to end sometimes. However, you must not make the mistake of using spare batteries rather try to get quality options. Make sure to check the features of the batteries that indicate whether the battery is old or new. Checking the manufacturing date of the products will help you to make informed decisions.

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