Bag sealing machine

In most manufacturing industries, plastic bags are the preferred packaging material. This is the main reason fuelling the high demand for bag sealing machines. These machines work by using heat to fuse together the bag openings and creating an airtight chamber for the contents within.

Why do you need to heat seal a packaging bag?

The main reason for sealing any packaging material is to facilitate the movement of your products from your manufacturing plant to the intended consumer. Even the simplest of supply chains involve multiple distributors and retailers. Plastic bags are quite robust, especially if you opt for the more heavy-duty variations; and sealing them allows your products to arrive intact to the marketplace.

The benefits of having a bag sealing machine include:

  • If you are producing food items, then the airtight sealing will ensure that they do not get into contact with any contaminants.
  • Smaller non-food items (small toys and such) will not spill over during the transportation process.
  • Metallic goods will not rust due to getting into contact with moisture.

What types of bag sealers are available?

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a sealing machine for your business. In terms of the mode of operation; you can choose from hand operated, pedal operated and fully automated sealing machines. The hand operated and pedal operated variations will require a manual operator while full automated machines can work without an operator, as long as they have been correctly programmed.

In terms of the sealing mechanism, you can opt for a round wire sealer, a flat metal sealer and machines that use hot air to seal the bags. Round wire sealers deliver a thin, almost invisible seal; flat metal sealers deliver a thicker seal; while hot air sealers vary in terms of the seal strength they can achieve.

What sealing machine suits your business?

This depends on two things: the scope of your operation and the products that you manufacture. If you are running a small business that produces a few hundred products per day, then you should opt for manual (hand or pedal) option when looking at a bag sealing machine for sale. Larger manufacturing operations would benefit from the efficiency of automated machines.

If you are manufacturing light products, such as potato chips, then a round wire sealing mechanism would suit you well. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with heavier metallic products, opt for flat metal or hot air options.

The key to making the right decision when looking at a bag sealing machine for sale is understanding the needs of your business.

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