How To Keep Your Campsite Safe

There are a variety of issues to worry about when camping on a road trip, but you can take care of a number of them by simply ensuring that your campsite is in a safe condition. All this takes is following some basic rules that travelers have been using in their RV rentals travels for decades. If you put these precautions in place you will drastically cut down on the possibility of getting injured or having your RV damaged while camping out. Fortunately, the steps are quite simple and will become like clockwork for you the longer you stay on the road.

Tend That Fire

Most RV parks offer fire pits for travelers to use to keep themselves warm, cook, and enjoy the atmosphere while on site. Of course fire is essential for any camping experience, but it can easily lead to harm if you allow things to get out of control. Following proper fire procedures is essential if you don’t want to put yourself and your fellow campers in danger. Always make sure to keep the fire contained within its designated area. Also always make sure that someone is watching the fire and that it is properly put out before going to sleep or leaving camp. Also keep anything flammable well out of range of the fire and keep the fire at a safe distance from the RV. This is all common sense, of course, but you would be surprised how easily accidents can happen. So be sure to follow the steps in order to keep your camp safe.

Secure your Camper

Although RV travelers are known to be a helpful and honest group, you need to take the safety of your equipment and RV into consideration when camping. This can be done by simply making sure that your equipment is secure at all times. When you are at the site it is fine to have items outside the camper since you can keep your eye on them. When you leave the camp, lock anything valuable up inside the RV. Of course any RV rentals you will be travelling in should have a locking system that is reliable and sturdy. Check the RV before you set out to make sure you have a system in place before hitting the road. When you bed down for the night, also take inside the RV any items you don’t want to disappear and lock the doors behind you and your traveling companions. It just takes being watchful  and a good lock system in order to not have anything vanish when traveling.

Keep Your Food Safe

Depending on where you are camping, there can be a wide range of wildlife in the region that would be thrilled to get ahold of your food items. For this purpose you will want to make sure to keep your food safe and keep any unwanted animal intruders out of your camp. Remember that in some parts of the country you may be in bear country. In these instances you should follow procedure and tie your food into a bad and hoist it high on a tree. This way the bears will not decide to pay a visit to your camp, which you definitely don’t want. Other visitors could include raccoons, rodents, and scavenger birds. Never leave foods laying outside. Keep them locked up safe in the RV. Also make sure to properly wash any plates and cooking equipment and lock those in the RV as well. Doing this will lower your chances of being pestered or frightened by unwanted guests.

Proper Hookups

Most RVs come with a series of hookups for the septic, water, and other items. Since each model is different and comes with a different set of hookup instructions and methods, it is very important to research ahead of time so that you know how to properly hook up the camper at the site. This is not just a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of safety. Many bad things can occur from improper hookups, including fires, projectiles, and dangerous camper conditions. It will always to perform a test hookup before hitting the road just to make sure you know how to perform the hookup steps.

Staying safe when camping out with RV rentals is easy as long as you use your common sense, remain diligent about important safety matters, and make sure to follow the simple steps that will keep you and your travel companions safe when camping. After all, camping out is supposed to be a fun experience so you don’t want any issues popping up that will put a damper on your good times when out on the road. As long as you follow these simple steps you will be taking steps toward ensuring your safety while camping out.


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