Making Weddings Memorable: Tips and Tricks

Every couple dreams of making their wedding day meaningful. They want guests to remember just how unique and enjoyable their wedding is – from food, fanfare to the giveaways, everything must be well-coordinated. However, planning such a big event can be especially exhausting. Between the talks with suppliers, contractors, gown fittings and other errands, it can be difficult to find ways to make nuptials more exciting and memorable for everyone. With these nifty tips, couples can make their joyous occasion much more unforgettable:

Go to a Top Destination Choice

Destination weddings are making big waves in the industry. In fact, who can forget Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s romantic ceremony in Lake Como, Italy, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ rustic-chic wedding in Charleston, South Carolina or the Moorish-inspired reception of socialite Poppy Delevigne and James Cook in Marrakech, Morocco? Tying the knot in far-flung places can be an exciting and exhilarating experience for everyone. Not only will it inspire the idea of romance and luxury, it will surely give guests the ‘wow’ factor.

Should you decide to spend your wedding day in another place, make sure that the space you intend to rent out is near to you and the guests. Besides the beautiful backdrop and the stunning location, what matters more is making new memories with your loved one on a site that holds a special place in your hearts.

Decorate Accordingly

Many couples wish to pay homage to their roots and their close ties with family, culture and tradition. What better way to showcase the coming together of these connections than your own union? Whether you want to express your Latin roots, Italian heritage or Asian descent, you can channel this through tasteful and carefully curated decorations.

Likewise, when opting for a themed celebration, be sure that the decors you intend to put up perfectly complement the place. A rustic-chic interior set against an industrial building works well since the soft touches of nature softens the whole space.

Hire a Food Truck and Set Up a Dessert Table

One thing that guests usually remember during the reception is the kind of food being served to them. To amp up the ante, why not hire a food truck? There are tons of choices to choose from, including Mexican dishes such as tacos and quesadillas, ice cream or even a bar. Not only is this more economical, you make your friends and family full throughout the whole event. To add a focal point, you might want to set up a dessert table. Fill these up with delightful treats that guests can come back to any time they wish.

Get a Wedding Photographer

Hiring a seasoned professional makes for a solid investment. Besides bringing their A-game to your reception, a professional wedding photographer can capture your whole celebration in exquisite detail. Their presence alone allows you to share your intimate moments with all of those who have attended your wedding.

Making your celebration memorable won’t be as challenging with the help of these tips. As a matter of fact, you can certainly elevate your nuptials to be the best wedding of the year.

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