Mold Damage Repair Northern Los Angeles CA

If your home smells musty, it may have mold damage. This could seriously damage your family’s health. When you need mold damage repair northern Los Angeles CA, we are here to make that happen in a quick and safe way to eradicate your and your family’s exposure to mold.

Fungi come in many different types, and mold is one of them. It is the green stuff you see growing on food and plants, and when it gets into the walls and floors of your home, it can cause health damage. For mold to grow happily, it needs moisture and food to eat. Wet surfaces that stay damp are the happiest places for mold to grow, and grow. Low lighting and bad ventilation can further provide a safe home for mold to hang out in your house.

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When you find mold in your house, don’t can allow it to spread throughout the rest of the building. Sixty-five million spores can fit into a spot of mold only the size of a stamp. You can end up with lots of symptoms from mold toxicity, including allergies. You might just think you’re allergic to the pollen outside when, really, it’s the mold in your home that is causing the problem. Some symptoms you might notice are an itchy throat, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and a runny nose.

We use state-of-the art mold detection technology to see if there is mold growing in your home, how far it has spread, and how serious the situation is. After we assess the potential damage that mold has caused in your home, we then come up with a game plan to eradicate the mold and keep it out of you home for good.

Our technicians have advanced industry certifications, like the AMRT of Applied Microbial Remediation Technician qualification. We use professional drying methods and provide a full mold remediation guarantee. You’ll also benefit from our professional deodorization and odor elimination techniques, and we will clean and sanitize the structure, content, and fixtures of the affected rooms. We completely contain all mold-infested rooms and use HEPA negative filtration and vacuuming and duct cleaning as well.

There is no job too big or small for mold damage repair northern Los Angeles CA. In special cases, we have Industrial Hygienists available to help work out a solution. Call us today to take a look at the mold growth in your property, and get back on the road to health.

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