Orlando In 48 Hours: What To Do

If you’re looking for a great short RV rental trip in central Florida, then look no further that Orlando. There is a whole lot more to this city than Disney, including a number of interesting neighborhoods, great restaurants and entertainment, museums and much, much more. Orlando is a culturally stimulating destination and is consistently rated as one of the top growing urban centers in the country. There is so much to see and do here that it may be a chore to fit everything in during your allotted 48 hours, but if you’re planning a weekend here then follow this guide and you should have yourself a great time in a thriving city in the Florida sunshine.

Pointe Orlando

This massive complex houses some of the finest shopping to be found in the city. A wide range of fashion stores from name brands to funky boutiques are located here, and you can easily spend hours browsing. There are also a number of highly rated restaurants and an indoor theme park, making this a destination for the entire family.

The Theme Parks

Disney World certainly needs no introduction and remains the thing that Orlando is best known for. All four of its parks are located just a short drive from downtown Orlando. A one day pass to one of the parks can be had for less than a hundred dollars, so if you wanted to spend one of your days at the Parks then by all means do so.


Don’t miss the chance to check out Florida’s best known killer reptiles at Gatorland. Here you can get up close and personal with the gators in a safe but still incredibly thrilling environment. You can check out gators in their natural habitats and watch them swim, sun on rocks, and interact with one another. You can even feed them, and you won’t soon forget how cute baby alligators can be. For a unique experience, make one of your stops gatorland.

The Peabody

If you’re doing one big dinner during your Orlando stay, make it the Peabody. This isn’t your average tourist trap, as many locals dine here on a regular basis. The food here is top rated, especially the cioppino which has achieved legendary status in the region. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation on the weekend since the Peabody is a known hotspot.

Winter Park

This hip and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood is an absolute must. Take a walk and check out the wide array of colorful, historic bungalows that line the streets. The shopping here is excellent as well, with dozens of cool local shops selling everything from boutique clothing to art to specialty foods. There are dozens of terrific restaurants to grab a bite in. Overall this is a hip and laid back neighborhood and a great way to get far from the chaos of the theme parks and spend a relaxing afternoon in a sophisticated setting. Winter park is just a short trip in your RV rental from downtown, so make sure to put this neighborhood on your schedule.


There is an incredible range of museums to be found in the region. The Morse Museum offers the opportunity to check out an amazing collection of Tiffany glass. The modern architectural design and layout of this museum are truly a thing to marvel, as this is easily one of the top designed cultural institutions in the country. The Orange County Regional History Center will teach you about the history of the area from the time of the Native Americans through to the arrival of the Spanish. This is a fun way to gain an understanding of the historical significance of the Orlando region.

 Boat Tour

The Orlando region is well known as lake heaven, so why not check out some of the nearby bodies of water on a boat tour? There are a number of companies offering tours in the area, so take advantage and head out on the water during your stay. You will be sure to see a variety of rare birds, sweeping views of the lush Florida scenery, and even a glimpse of some gators in the wild. Certain tours also give you a great view of the Orlando skyline, and an evening tour will allow you to watch the sun set over the scene to bring your Orlando stay to a delightful close.

There is an amazing amount of things to do and experience in Orlando. This thriving city has a lot more going for it than its famous theme parks. There are a great variety of outdoor activities, hip neighborhoods, dining and shopping opportunities, and museums to keep you very busy during your 48 our stay. So load up an RV rental and hit Orlando for your next short getaway.

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