What is the best way to manage garbage in cities: Skylines

Whether it is a developing nation or an entirely developed one, at times the issue of managing the garbage of the city has always been the cause of concern. Theoretically, waste should be given proper treatment before burning it and letting it go into the water bodies because we do not wish to harm the organisms living on land as well as water bodies.

Similarly, while planning one must be careful about planning the garbage in the cities. What is the best possible place to dump the garbage without actually affecting the management of the city?

Here is how you can do it:

Usually, if you see people, they simply build landfills and dump the garbage but that is not how it works in real life. How often do we see a landfill while going to school, college or office? Not so much, isn’t it? Because landfills are never located right in the middle of the city. If we keep on dumping the garbage in the landfill that is located in the heart of the city, the city would end up getting polluted.

So what could be the solution?

The first and foremost thing to be done is check out the map and figured out the unused area. This area could serve as the landfill for your garbage management. They are nowhere close to the residential area, which means they wouldn’t end up causing pollution. As the landfills began to fill up quickly, you need to find an alternative by arranging for more space. These simple solution works wonder from an environmental point of view.

The second and most important task is to get it connected with each corner of the city. After all, the integral part of garbage management is not merely dumping but also getting the garbage reach to the spot. In the city that is already full of roads, streets and highways, it would be difficult to have a separate path but it is important.

For interrupted transportation of garbage from one district to another it is vital to pave a separate route. In the presence of multiple bridges, roads and streets, making a place for another highway would be difficult. However, there is a solution to everything. If you may know, Disney has an underground tunnel system to get trash to and from place to place without people having to carry trash through the park. Genius! Isn’t it? Think of underground highways that connect parts of the cities with the landfills. This ensures an uninterrupted movement and management of the garbage in your city.

Without a doubt, it would work like a charm and garbage trucks travelled at complete ease. This system works well when one has to build cities in the skyline.

So, this is how you can manage the garbage in the city skyline at an ease. Perhaps, the creative revamping of used garbage truck would be of great help here as they would help in taking the garbage from the city and dumping it in the landfill.

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