Why Every Dog Owner Should Own a Kennel

As the proud owner of four dogs, I know “outside time” can be a bit overwhelming. I have a Labrador who can climb the fence and a beagle who can go under it. The struggles on containing my pets, makes a time of play and fun–a dreaded experience. That is, until I realized the joys of owning an outside kennel. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the main benefits of outdoor dog kennels, even if you have a fenced in yard. It is also important to remember to consider some of these issues before installing an outside kennel.

Dogs can climb, dig, or otherwise escape. Yep. This is my dogs. I have experienced the barefooted trot down the street to apologetically collect my dogs far too many times. However, with an outdoor kennel I don’t worry about that any longer. The kennel is far too high for my Lab to leap and far too deceiving for my beagle to even try to dig out of. Making the outdoor kennel, the problem solver of my two monsters.

Safety. Besides the fact that my dogs were constantly breaking out of my yard like a puppy version of The Shawshank Redemption. I worried of their safety, breaking out meant the potential for harm. I found myself checking the back door like a prison guard each time they were outside. An outdoor kennel has allowed me to take that worry and toss it over the fence. Since the kennel is outside, yet enclosed there is no fear of escape, ventilation issues or even the pups finding a way into some plants that could be devastating to their health.

Travelling. This is a big one. A huge one really. The idea of travelling had long been tossed aside for me. Having four dogs and finding the cost of dog sitters and business kennels out of my reach, I decided travelling was a thing of the past. However, now that I have the outdoor kennel, I can take them on many of the trips I use to enjoy. If I camp, I can set the kennel up and the dogs can enjoy the relaxation of getting out with me. Anytime I visit family, I can take my dogs and what is even better is that if I visit someone who has a dog allergy, their dogs can stay in the kennel when needed.

In conclusion, there are many other benefits to owning a dog kennel, you can check out more of these here. For me, I will never go back to not owning a kennel. I couldn’t imagine living my life in the constant dread that something would happen to my wandering babies. If i hadn’t decided to purchase one, I would have never got to travel again, and I would have never got to visit some of the family that I have longed to see for years. Though, a word of advice–if you purchase a kennel for your pets, make sure you place it on even ground. Nothing is more fun than scrubbing the mud off your dog’s paws because the rain drains down the hill and right into their kennel! Find an even ground and enjoy your new-found peace of mind.

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